i love sum1 so much...

10 years ago

i need ur advice.... i love 1 guy whos name is nikhil....he is my good friend n also relative..we know each other very well...but he loves sum1 else n ditch by that girl....n he had an idea that i love him...but now a days he is very busy as he is studing engineering...we talk earlier very much n now he stoped talking with me...if i call then he talk to me otherwise he never call me himself.... please....give me advice i really love him n cant live without him....

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" If yesterday was today and today tomorrow, the past present and future would never change and our love remains the same "

- Anonz» Love Quotes

Love Poem - * I LOVE YOU *

Author: Asbeauty★★★
I love the way you make me laugh when
I’m mad at you
I love the way you make me smile every time I
think of u
I love the fact that even when I hate you I ...(Cont.)