I love her so much it hurts

7 years ago

How can I let her know that I care so much, while being subtle? I want her to know everything about how I love her without "scaring her".

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  • Amy
    7 years ago

    Show how much u like her, actions speak louder than words. Take her out, and make her feel happy her happiness will show how much she cares about u trust me a girls smile says alot of things :) hope this helpes

  • 7 years ago

    Well, if you are already in a relationship with her then don't be afraid to share your feelings or wait a while to see if she might feel the same by little remarks or signs. If you're not dating then I suggest you to give it a shot, girls want a guy to go after her and explain their hearts content. If she doesn't see what you have to say as a blessing then she isn't a good person for you. Say what you have to say in a simple tone, don't over exaggerate things to give it more enthusiasm, you're not writing a poem here. Be blunt, but ease into it. Say things like: "I'd do anything for you and I'd like you to know that I care for you a lot.." And definitely don't be afraid to explain why :) If she blows you off then she's never gonna be the girl who will love a guy the way you see her

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