7 years ago

I like this boy but my mom hates him. so we kind of dating without her knowing what should I do. I really like the boy he make me smile when I having a bad day he make me happy. I REALLY REALLY LIKE HIM

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  • Amy
    7 years ago

    why does ur mom hate him?? and if u really do like him then ur mother will have to understand go for t if u really like him :)

" Love Is Everything, Everything i Understand, i Understand Because i Love. "

- Unknown» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Love Of My Life

Author: Karen Man-ay★★★★★
The love of my life is u,ur the one who makes
my heart beats,ur the one
who makes me happy,i always wait for the time
to ask me that "I love u".
When i saw u smile u make me happy. ...(Cont.)