How can I deal with this? Help, give a boy's perspective any advice?

6 years ago

There has been a series of boys in my life who were very good but I could still not go out with them. The situation is very complicated that I have resolved to ignoring them completely in order to abstain from letting them know that I like them too. You see I am in year 10 this year but I still cannot go out with any boy as yet because my parents said so. Now, do not get me wrong as I love and respect my parents, but due to this becoming a regular thing that I do, I do not know how to react to boys of a different culture. My family and I have recently moved to a different country and the normal way that I deal with these types of situations does not seem to work out quite as well as it used too. There is a boy in my class that is still into me even when I ignore his existence and I have to admit I am falling for him and his glasses. However, there is another boy who is in another school, year 11, and he too seems to ignore me ignoring him and continues to try to get my attention. I am beginning to fall for him also. I now do not know how to deal with this or who to choose. I do not want to hurt one by choosing one and yet again I also do not want to be a player. But going out with any of them would mean that I would hurt my parents and set a bad example to my little ones. I believe I am the only girl in the western world who has this situation. Is this true?

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Love Poem - Trust

Author: Caitlyn lajuette★★★
trust is a big thing for me and so far he has
not made me not trust him... i love my baby
boy and i would do anything for him to be
happy and if anyone has somthing to say you
got to trust me i know what im getting myself ...(Cont.)