text my ex

7 years ago

I just feel like not having some kind of ground with her makes me feel sad, because I do want to own up to her and I can. But I simply feel like I outgrew her which is fine. But I do feel like things that are buried will grow again. Her name is Kaylah. I've done some things I ain't so proud of. But I know my limits now I've pushed it far though, I felt like we had it all together but we was a mess. I want to reveal things not for a relationship manner again, even though that sounds ideally great. To have this relationships is a lot of work I know but I just want to know if I could ever get the closure again just as two individuals separately. Respecting each other's motives and desires that are reachable.

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" When I look into your eyes, brown like the chocolate you love, my soul suddenly cries, knowing I will feel no love. Then ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - I Love You Way Too Much

Author: Darlene Mercedes Benthin★★★
i love you with all my heart and when im not
with you my world falls apart
i think about u always.
and i never forget the things you say to me
i love you so much ...(Cont.)