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10 years ago

i am loving a girl,i had know every things about her,firstly we have enjoyed a joy ful time.we talk every day we are caring each other very much, but when she had tell me about her past mistakes,i had change my way i tell dont worry but learn from mistakes but my behaviour was changed from that day i can not tolerate her any silly mistakes i became angry & not talking to her .when my anger silent i tell her politely and discussed with her than 5-7 day life running smoothly but if she can do any little mistake and not think about my fellings i cannot talk to her bcos i can not want to became angry on her becos i dont want to loss her i am just want her to understand me & my feelings.but after that day when she told me every things her behaviour was also changed when i am not talking to her she also cannot response me as she was previously .she had told me every things of her life bravely i admire her she has 2 boy friends before me she had told me every thing about them . now i want to know that is she loving me if yes then i want to know that what she was think off about her self & me also & how i can give a good turn to my life , i had to leave her , or i have to hold her hand, i just want her to be happy & myself also ,i just want her that she will take a lesson from past & be a good girl . please give me a nice advice that her & my life will secure for future & also give me advise that how i can make her understand that tis is good or this is bad she will marry me or not depends on her but i want her to be safe for future please give my all questions answer in detail.

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  • 10 years ago

    Just tell her h0w u feel when she talkz 2 0ther guyz and kizz her 0n the m0uth and walk away and c wt she d0ez

" Without His love I can do nothing, with His love there is nothing I cannot do. "

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