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12 years ago

Hi! there is a guy,he said he likes me during the first year of my college.but i said refused to say yes without realising that i was in love with him too.later on i realised it but before i could tell him he moved on,as in, he got a girl,who was one of my friends.however despite his relationship with her,i had a strong feeling that he liked me.i'm currently in my second year and now i finally told him,i like my surprise,he said he too likes me.he even ended up with the other girl but without my knowledge.i came to know about it through my friend and so she no longer wanted to be my friend.i noticed him giving hints but due to my depression which i was undergoing,i could not respond to him properly.i was feeling vague and could not catch up what he was upto and now i feel he has gone back to her or so he would.he really means a lot to me and i'm very sensitive to can i deal this situation,letting him know that i'll be there for him.he doesnt respond to my texts either.kindly help me figure out what to do. the reason i mentioned about the year is even though we have'nt spoken to each other much,i feel there is some kinda bonding between us,that's keeping the relation in silence or hidden.also as i mentioned,owing to depressed state,i have been to myself for most of the days,so it appears to people that i dont talk it appears to him also as an introvert,while i know he likes people who are open.

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