Does he like me? What should i do?

8 years ago

Hi I like this guy his name is *****, i don't want to reveal his name. This kind of is also friendship related as well. So i have a friend and i told her who i liked and she promised me that she would keep it a secret and not tell a single soul. A few weeks later one of my frenemies come up to me and say "How is *****?". I figured out that my friend must have told her as no one else knew. Now i'm not friends with her and i'm worried she'll tell everyone in the school. I'm not sure if i want people to know especially the person who i like. Maybe I should just go and tell him? Could you give me some advice?

Thank You, Maze

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  • 8 years ago

    Have you spoken to your friend. Maybe she didn't say anything and you 2 have fallen out over nothing. Someone may have overheared you.maybe you should try talking to her. She might not be planning on telling everyone. If you two can't make up then I would go and tell him yourself. I know how scary it is but it's better coming from you than from her. At least if it comes from you then he may admit to liking you if he does, but if it comes from a rumour then he will deny it straight away.

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