love a lady but haven't being able to approach her.

7 years ago

I really love the lady but haven't made her aware. Anyways, i also have a great feel she love me. I pray she becomes my dear wife in the future(10 to 12 years time). I haven't propose to her or never told her in the face i love her because I feel shy. I wish we were dating by now but am not able to approach her, in that we should date. Please i need your help on how, when, through whom or what do i tell her so we can begin our life as future couples?

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" She lied that she loves me for my happiness... I lied that I hate her for her happiness... "

- Dhanawada nirmal rao» Love Quotes

Love Poem - For My Husband

Author: SARA★★★★
Each day I open my eyes
I think of you and there are smiles
Each day you touch my heart
I know we are never apart
You made me diffrent in each and every way ...(Cont.)