11 years ago

I was in Relationship for 5 months with A Guy.For a missunderstanding Between us he slapped me 7 to 8 times....insulter me between many friends... So i breakup with him .Now he had made friendship with my rival and she is a girl....and also he is in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend now....i am really feeling bad....we take tutions in same nobody talks to me their and that girl( my rival) and he...comments many things about me indirectly which makes me embarass..... my complexion is dark so they makes many comments about one talks to me after self confidence is going down and down....i really feel embrass to go to their.......i really feel ashamed about one is with me now.....i really feel bad...what should i do??????? plz help!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 11 years ago

    Well this is a tough situation. Not much you can phyically do to solve it. I'm not that great with these situations. I would sugest that you get another boyfriend and just forget what everyone thinks. They don't understand what crap you have been through. If anything just tell them to screw themselves. That's what I would do (I know not the best thing to do but it feels to go insult them) I hope at least a bit this helps. As I said this is a tough situation and it is really weird to deal with.

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