Best Friend or Boyfriend? Troubles in the Teen years

11 years ago

okay the guy that I'm in love with is my best friend. One night i was being made fun of and i called my friend and ended confessing my feelings to him. He returned them, but he wasn't quite ready for a retlationship. So we decided to take it slow. it was great for a few months. i'd go to his house and hang out, watch movies and hold hands. But then lately he started becoming distant. He started ignoring my phone calls and not returning them when i'd go to his house he would go to one of his guy friends house and not even show up to say hi. it breaks my heart and i do not know what to do? Do I try to fix things or leave him behind?

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  • 11 years ago

    hes probably scared of going too fast...act like his friend again. Do things to keep yourself busy just like hes doing...worrying is NOT the answer. Everything happens naturally. chasing him will scare him away.

  • 11 years ago

    Dear Alison, probably he's not that strong to love you like a lover, but don't push him towards love then, you'll lose your best friend. That's quite the same case with me. I know how it feels when you lose a best friend, a soulmate.................... You can read my topic, "What do I do?" here. Thanks. Stay well.

  • 11 years ago

    **i have a friend nd ware like best friends but i kinda am starting to love him more then friends. but idk if he feels the same way... nd i also have another frined kinda like that but i just ignored him for a few days nd then he like texted me nd it jus came all back to geather like we friends again. **

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