loveing you best friend

11 years ago

I have a friend but we are just friends but i think i love him. but he's also 2 years almost 3 years older then me. What do i do.? We tell each other i love you. but i love him more then that. And im scred to tell him because i still wanna be his friend. So should i just tell him? And he also lives in a different state then me.

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" If yesterday was today and today tomorrow, the past present and future would never change and our love remains the same "

- Anonz» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Wnna Kno Me Try Me

Author: Kaisi★★★
Baby Idk Y I'm Actin Like Dis
It It Aint Gve U No Reason 2 Dis Me Lke This
U Kno U Wnna Kall Me Bck But Theres Just
Smein Hldin U Bck
Idk Wat Is But If U cheatin On Me ...(Cont.)