Capricorn - Leo Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about capricorn man and leo woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Capricorn zodiac sign and a girl with Leo sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of capricorn & leo zodiac signs. All about Capricorn Leo compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: A strict no-no match can be predicted for Leo woman and Capricorn man.

Sun which rules Leo and Saturn which rules Capricorn are rivals in reality and hence never allow their natives to get along with each other easily.

Leo (F) – Capricorn (M) Characteristic traits

Leo female is always looking for appreciation from the opposite sex. Whereas a Capricorn male is conservative in thinking as well as communicative abilities. Capricorn man is a spendthrift whereas a Leo woman is good at exercising control over the expenditures.

Leo (F) – Capricorn (M) Sex & Marriage

A relation between Leo female and Capricorn male will tread on a rocky path for most of the time. The Leo woman may give the Capricorn man lascivious signals, which the Capricorn man will fail to catch on account of his low interest in carnal pleasures. This will only worsen the marriage and sex.

Leo (F) – Capricorn (M) Family & children

If a Leo female and Capricorn male are made to live together, then this will just add fuel to the fire of Leo female and she will burst out with higher intensity. Children will get a great deal of guidance from such parents anyhow.

Leo (F) – Capricorn (M) Friendship

Leo females prefer staying away from the crowd most of the time. But a Capricorn male will intermingle with friends easily and do not show much dedication to egoism. However a little control on self, can help the Leo female and Capricorn male in benefiting from each other’s good qualities as well.

Leo (F) – Capricorn (M) at Work

Leo female will try to dominate every time, thus eliminating the chances of working co-operatively with the Capricorn man, who is a great enlightener. But if the two of them can keep their differences aside then an unbeatable team will be formed at the professional front.

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