Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Men

Associated with St. Valentine, the day is traditionally celebrated by lovers to mark the special bonding of togetherness and love. It is marked by the conventional exchange of tokens, gifts and memoirs.

The tradition associated with the glorification of romantic love had its origin in the Age of Geoffrey Chaucer when courtly love was looked up to. Since then Valentine’s Day has been celebrated with great pomp around the world and the Valentine Gift holds a special meaning to people in love.

As a special day meant for lovers, with notes of love and romance featuring in the air, gifts occupy a place of passionate significance. The gifts particularly exchanged on this day are supposed to add a new dimension and significance to the bond of love.

15 Valentine day gift ideas for Men

Valentine day gifts for men should be a unique blend of variety, touching thoughtfulness and concern. Irrespective of its class and price tag, it should be one projecting your care, depth of feelings and esteem in which you hold him.

  1. Creative gifts lovingly handmade may speak volumes about your love for that special someone. With all your ingenuity and care you can design a card in shape of a heart as a valentine day gift for your boyfriend. The specially designed heart may showcase your words of reflection and thoughtfulness, if you have rhyming couplet or a few lines penned down glorifying the chosen someone.

    A well thought out and a self made poem may also serve the necessary purpose. In order to add a personalized touch it is always preferable to design your own cards. A card in the shape of a key as one of the gifts for men is uniquely novel with its significance of being a key to your heart. Cards and candies make for a whooping combination.

  2. Another uniquely artistic gift for men which involves an element of passionate creativity is a wonderfully self made file cover. The file cover of paper make can be ornamentally done up with touches of glitter, artificially designed bows and floral patterns.

    Sequin studs and designer beads can also be attached to contribute to the idea of gleeful romance. The beautified file cover may have manifold love notes of your choice to showcase its purpose of a love note compiler. So if you are sentimentally romantic a decorated file cove with loads of mushy notes is an excellent idea.

  3. An exquisitely finished designer photo frame of metallic make may capture one of your loving moments of togetherness. The similar can turn out as a special gift for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day to celebrate the cherished moments of romance.

    You can also personally design a collage or an album portraying some of the choicest moments or heartfelt togetherness including snaps from his boyhood days will not be a bad idea, helping him to realize your esteem for him.

  4. Another variation in personalized touch can be added if you gift you boyfriend a loaded compact disk including the chosen romantic songs. It won't be a bad idea to have the entire fourteenth February pass fleeting by in a romantically charged surrounding together with the soft dulcet notes of music.
  5. If you are passionately inclined towards your beloved an assortment of champagne, chocolate and a heartfelt greeting card can be given a provocatively designed paper bag wrapping as gift for him on the Valentine day.
  6. If your boyfriend is a tough guy with the requisite masculine roughness, a designer belt or a leather wallet will suit his manly poise and fervor. Try out some of the finest brands to suit his élan and style.
  7. If your boyfriend is a cute prince charming with the passion for fashion accessories, jackets, ties, tie pins, wrist bands, shoes and cuff links should feature among your gifts meant for him on Valentine's Day.
  8. A nice and a sleek wrist watch may also be included in the similar category. A sophisticated and a sleek one will come as a charming delight to most men even as one is becoming increasingly dependent on cell phones for time. Ensure a stylish packing to your wrist watch to accompany a chosen love note and a singular rose.
  9. Grooming accessories in deodorants aftershaves colognes perfumes and body sprays are fascinatingly passionate as well as delightfully useful as Valentine's Day gifts for men. You can endow any of these with a touch of thoughtfulness by choosing his favorite brand or type.
  10. A pair of ethnically designed keychain portraying a handsome prince along with is beautiful princess can be delightfully cute as valentines' day gift for men.
  11. You can also project your loving concern by presenting him with one of those designer desk accessories for the purpose of his office or study room. A loving pair of kittens or that of cozy teddy bears may be attached to a pen stand to adorn a table top.
  12. If your hunk is a gadget freak the latest among the brands of cell phones depicting one of the chosen technologies may be opted as a valentines' day gift for him. A touch of romance may be added to technology by going for those wonderful stems of roses with dashes of green fillers.
  13. Flowers and delicious chocolates in different shapes and sizes can make for a wonderfully romantic combination.
  14. Among all the diverse varieties of stuffed toys deemed fit as Valentines' day gifts for men are specially designed romantic cushion deserves mention. You can even venture into making a heart shaped one for your special someone. A blend of handmade cushion candies and flowers may be further personalized with a cutely worded love message.
  15. A gift in the form of a book may be a splendid idea if your man happens to be an avid reader. An interesting book fitting into his passion and taste along with a greetings card and handmade bookmark will make your man feel on top of the world.


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