Tips to break up with your boyfriend

All relationships face a difficult time of companionship some time or the other. This is due to disagreements or misunderstandings between the two partners. These can be solved and the relationship patched up.

Both can meet and discuss the problem, and if any odd behavior is at fault, that should be brought to focus and the boy or the girl should decide to correct themselves and so continue with the valuable relationship. Occasionally, the disagreements may be so sharp that it is wiser to break up the relationship rather than totter through with it.

A breakup is hard on both the boy and the girl. A woman or a girl finds it more difficult to part with her boyfriend than a boy or a man with his girlfriend because she is more emotionally involved with him. But she should remember that having a domineering boyfriend will be to her hurt in the future and, therefore, should call it off.

A controlling, aggressive behavior is the inroad to abuse which the girl will go through unless she cuts off the relationship with her boyfriend.

Here are some tips and suggestions to break up with your boyfriend.

  • For breaking off from him, the very first thing she should do is to make a firm decision about it. She should ensure that the decision is not made in a fit of anger because in such situations, a right decision may not be taken; it is best to allow herself to calm down and then think properly over the cause of the breakup.

  • The girl gets a good time and place where she can really consider the break up and take a final decision about it; on the other hand, with the girl's sudden absence without his knowledge, a signal is sent to the boyfriend that something is not quite right.

  • Once she has decided to break up, it is better to keep it to herself and tell her decision only to her boyfriend later. She should not go around telling everyone about it because if the boy hears about it from other source, he may make the break up difficult.

  • She should decide to talk to him in person where matters can be freely discussed between the two and not through emails, phone calls or text messages. Later, after the break up she can voice it around.

  • A proper location and time are both essential to discuss this vital issue. The girl should know what kind of a personality her boyfriend is because if he is the sensitive type it is better to be in a partially private place. A restaurant is a good location for both where there is privacy as well as some crowd.

    She must ensure that she does not break the news in a secluded place because in a lonesome place, a boy may harm her without inhibitions, so for her safety it is good that she avoids a secret location to talk to him. The location should not be crowded instead a neutral and a partially private location is ideal.

  • In a situation where the two have previously committed to attend a forthcoming event with the girl as his date, then it is better that the girl have self-control to withhold telling him her decision till after the event is over.

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