Love SMS & Romantic SMS Messages

Love SMS are short messages sent by a person to his/her lover through mobile phones. Love SMS messages are replacements of Love Letters. Romantic Messages are modern expression of ones love. Short Love SMS when send, the other person receives it instantly and respond. This helps the lovers to be in contact anytime all the time.

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  • Tell me you love me.
    Tell me you care.
    Tell me that you'll always be there.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  • Message:some text missing*
    Sender:Name Missing*
    *Number Missing
    *Sent:Date missing
    *Missing U a lot thats y
    everything is missing....

  • *Good News 4 Lovers *
    On * Valentine's Day*
    A New Way To Send Romantic Kiss To Ur"Girlfrnd" Just Call Me &
    Order Ur "Kiss" With Adress
    I Will Personaly Go & Deliver It "Promise"
    Booking Wil Start 26 Jan To 14th Feb...

  • You Have Opened
    The Doors Of
    My Hearts ...
    Now It's For You
    To Walk
    Through It ... :)


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