Your School Crush...AIEEE!!!

8 years ago

Do you want to have THE BEST MOMENT WITH YOUR CRUSH? -First of all both of you should be friends (starts at School) -Talk to him every Moring -Never, I MEAN NEVER! Call him gay because guys will always fell bad (That happened to me) -Eat with him every snacks or lunch time -Never show your feelings toward him -After school, Go with him and talk so no one elsa will take him...xD -Go home with him...KILIG -Chat..NOT THAT KILIG The End

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  • 8 years ago

    Moi suali jonik luv pau buli kuat.Tai no buli kole.But atia tai muk sai thake.Mane 2ai muk love kore naki.?

" If love were a film, you would be a super duper box office hit! "

- Anonymous» Love Quotes

Love Poem - An Unfinished Love...

Author: Nair Subaash★★★★
What should i say about love when it comes to
the pain to endure it,
Nothing changed much from the past till now
which remains the same,
Yet the concept and the way of love changes ...(Cont.)