Your School Crush...AIEEE!!!

9 years ago

Do you want to have THE BEST MOMENT WITH YOUR CRUSH? -First of all both of you should be friends (starts at School) -Talk to him every Moring -Never, I MEAN NEVER! Call him gay because guys will always fell bad (That happened to me) -Eat with him every snacks or lunch time -Never show your feelings toward him -After school, Go with him and talk so no one elsa will take him...xD -Go home with him...KILIG -Chat..NOT THAT KILIG The End

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  • 9 years ago

    Moi suali jonik luv pau buli kuat.Tai no buli kole.But atia tai muk sai thake.Mane 2ai muk love kore naki.?

" It is u that holds my heart together "

- kiana williams» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Pain

Author: --Anonymous★★★★
The scar are pain
but the pain inside my heart still
cannot get off!!