yes or no???

12 years ago

well i have been with this person since july of this year... and like things are going good.. but one bad part about it is that i leave with my dad 4 hours away from them... i get to see them every other weekend.. and get to talk to them all the time on the phone.. but like i just dont know what to do??? should i just stay with this person till i move down there with my mom?? or should i just say no i cant be with you anymore, because i live so far away??
i am really in love with this person.. and i dont want to lose them.. but at the same time. i feel like i am losing them by being so far away from them.. i just dont know what to do??? HELP PLEASE.......

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  • 12 years ago

    thanks for helping you have really made it clean to me that i should go and tell my parents!!!! thanks

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