What should you do if your crush doesnt notice you?

10 years ago

Start hanging out with his friends because they will be the first ones he turns to to see if you two should date. Starttalking to him in the hall and listen to him when he talks to you.

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  • 10 years ago

    How you should act in front of your crush... be yourself because if you act like someone your not he might not like you, or he might like you for the fake you because thats the only you hes ever known which would make him not like you for the real you. 4 GIRLZ ONLY!

  • 10 years ago

    if you really want your chrush to notice you got to give him something to look at
    you gotta look nice and smell nice always have your hair fixed for once in your life be brave because he might be shy to so you gotta take a brve stand and go talk you'll never no he might appectiate your bravery and something postive might come out of it just take that leap of faith and if he doesn't feel the same wayy about you their or plenty fish in the sea

  • 10 years ago

    i hd a relaton for two year n then she broke up wit me coz she liked another guy...n nw after 3years she is back in my contact n nw she single..bt i love her sooooo much.bt when i proposed her she said she dnt want to be in relation..n nw after 1 year of r contact she is so caring for me.shes like dnt do this dnt do dat..we talk daily 4 hours of a day and full day chat..bt when i talk abt relation she says no..

    so guys just tell me wat shuld i do n i cnt live without her i just want her in my future wit me..

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