What should i do and when?

8 years ago

I am a 6th grader right now liking an 8th grade and I don't know what to do. We text each other a lot like 4 or 5 hours. We are usually weird together but i barely met him last week. I got dared to say i love you to him today passionately and its awkward. I know his friends and all that but yeah we have only hung out once. He also called me cute before when i called my self ugly and i think he is cute too because i told him. When ii asked him if he thinks i like him too he said what the difference between being cute and liking someone? Last is that we both are weird we like eating and talking how eating a cold apple, riding a skateboard when i don't know how, and jumping in the pool in skinny jeans.

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Author: Arra trisha★★★★
i FoUnD sOmeOne i caN sHare with mY LiFe
sOmeOne whO will make mE feeL alriGht
sOmeOne whO will hUg me tiGht
sOmeOne whO will ligHt uP mY lOneLy niGhts
i dOn't knOw what's gOing oN ...(Cont.)