what should i do

8 years ago

the one who i love is always confusing me.......when i proposed him he asked me to give him some time......i gave.....now when i ask him about this topic he says he needs more tym n wants to meet me....but when n how he doesnt know about it......... when i askek our common friend to ask him he replied that he doesnt want to continue anything and asked me not to contact to him...... what should i do at this very movement....should i keep on waiting........because for me to forget him is next to immpossible

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" My night has become a sunny dawn because of you. "

- Ibn Abbad» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Pedestal

Author: Del★★★
Now I sit upon the pedestal
Elbows on my knees
Staring like The Thinker
My thoughts are only these:
Why have I always tried so hard ...(Cont.)