what should i do ??

11 years ago

ok so my name is kassy and i want to know what to do because i have crush on my friend junior of 4 years we have always had a great relationship as friends and completely understand eachother and during the summer he and i were talking and he confessed to me that he had a crush on me too. from there on we started off a little romance over the internet flirting back and forth and i felt so comfortable talking to him about anything and he did the same with me i had a feeling he kinda liked me throughout theses four years but he had a girlfriend for 3 years well anyways we planned to meet up like 4 times but complications arised so it didnt happen later on i wanted to know if why he hadnt ask me to be his girlfriend so i asked him what he really wanted from me and he said he didnt want anything seroius with me even though he liked me which really made me feel dumb so i then told him it would be best if we remained friends and he was like okay... so we stopped talking for about 2 months and i was ready to start school again on a new campus i arrived the second day looking for my classes when i saw him and we locked eyes my heart was beating so fast and was so excited and surprised to see him and he looked the same so i went up to him and asked him if he could help me find my classes and he did his pupils seemed dialated it was kinda funny. i had theses strange feelings in my chest area twice like this warm fuzzie feeling and i began to cry as i thought about him and then felt completely peaceful it was so strange. i later found out he got back with his girlfriend of three years and i expected to feel jealous or sad and i tried to feel sorry for myself but couldnt anyways now we dont even talk i tried contacting him through facebook but he doesnt add me or talk to me there or at school he smiles at me when we see eachother but thats it and i want to know if there would ever be a chance of me and him being together and if he ever thinks about me.

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" To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven "

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