What am i to do ?

12 years ago

W ell my name is Shannah and i had something on my mind . . . I NEED ADVICE & BAD ! Well im currently dating someone that i truly love from the bottom of my heart ! I would do anything for him but i feel like he dont love me as much as i love him. But at school i really like this other guy . we talk or what ever but he's like : i do really like you and stuff but i dont feel right cheating on Boyfriend cause i love him to much. . . WHAT SHOULD I DO ?

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  • 12 years ago

    stop having interest in that new guy..! if u love ur bf.. u shud nt even think of someone else! n if u r confused that means u need to thonk upon wht u eant n whom u love!..... WISH U ALL THE LUCK!

  • 12 years ago

    hey cool, i seriously don understand how can u feel 4 other wen u already love 1 4m heart?
    anyways stop feeling 4 other n concerntrate with ur bf.

" "Love is a dream that comes alive when we meet" "

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Love Poem - Drought

Author: Maribow★★★
Your naked skin like silk to my rough,
ungrateful hands
Your perfect bones unbreakable, mine
distorted and severed
Your pretty little soul is crying tonight ...(Cont.)