watching over him hurts too much

10 years ago

ive loved this person a very long time but am unable to bring myself to confess, he has recently got himself a girlfriend and i know her and owe her a lot for things she did for me in the past, neither he nor his girlfriend know i love him, i'd confess but dont want to hurt either of them, what am i supposed to do?!

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  • 10 years ago

    Hold in there, see how this relationship plays out, look inside you and ask yourself if wyou was in the girls position would you want someone confessing their love to her boyfriend, love is hard and if this relationship doesnt work out its time for you to try and hope he likes you too x

  • 10 years ago

    trust me they probaby will end sometime soon the guy i really like is my neighbor and he on and off dated this girl he knew was bad news they only kept the relationship 2 weeks max. they have now stoped dating after i told him i liked him i wasnt sure how he would take it but actually it wasnt so hard ( saying thT we were really really close like sinse grade 2-3 maybe longer grade 7-8 now ) but honesltly the best thing you can do is tell him my advice : you may lose a friend or two but the ones who are true you will never lose so if she really is a close friend she should want you to be happy. and the worst thing you could do is tell your friends thats how he will get scared away( past experiance ) one thing i found brought attention to you is flexibility (ie contortioning or gymnastics ) <--- they work but just tell him it will save alot of stress and depression

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