trust on love

10 years ago

I love someone for 5 years,at first he didn't love me,he proposed me for time pass,with continue our relationship he did flirrt with another girls,but now he loves me somehow,but he breaked my trust in previous days,I love him so much & i want to spent my whole life with him but now i can't trust to him,i doubt him every time unless he do anything.....I want to trust him every time,but i can' can I overcome this problem??????how can I trust him?????????

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" Every now and then i think about you and all i can do is smile "

- Unknown» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Her Hole Has Been Mended Part 2

Author: T★★★★
im bak at d fire
wearing nothing but a wire
i think im on fire
oh no its jus d wire
in the north pole ...(Cont.)