Trust' love

6 years ago

hello! it has been 3 years of our relationship. Everything was going so smoothly it was just awesome there was trust ' love passion but one truth changed everything. Now we are together but there is nothing like before he alaways doubts on me no trust no love is their from his side but i'm trying my level best to win his trust back his love but now I'm so tired .I know I had hurt him a lot if anyone alse would have been their in his place soon after listening that big truth he would have left but my partner is with me.but staying together and staying together with love 'there is a great difference between this statements . it feels like I've ruined his life just becuz of that one big mistake of mine ruined everything his life and even my life. sometimes I feel to die cuz now this life is so fake no happiness no love no trust is their.each and every moment is like hell for me.i'm not blaming my partner or I want to leave him.without him I can't stay without listening his voice even for a minute or second it's like hell for me I really love him so much I just want to tell him I am very sorry .I LOVE YOU .I just want to see you happy I miss that smile I miss my baby so much plz come back to me you're lost somewhere I miss you .I want to spent my whole life with you I wanna be with you till my life ends! I LOVE YOU!

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