Troubled in love

8 years ago

We are both good childhood friends. We spend only 1 year together. Last time I saw her 12 years before, but she saw me 6 year before, she always noticed me more than 4 years but never talk to me as she always scared of me because of my anger. But I never ever noticed her as I was busy with my studies. During graduation years we met through social sites. I am living in extreme north and she is living extreme south of the country. We talk a lot but as a friend. I have lots of feeling for her but can't express it well. Although I told her how I feel for her. She replied that she already knew that I love her when we met. But she dont want this relationship and stay with me as a friend. She thought she is not worthy enough for me. She thought she is too short in height, complexion color, not good figure; our culture, language, traditions are different. Parent are not going to support us. So she made distance from me, not talking to me. So I went to her city, to her office just to confirm what really happen to her. I wait for her but she didnt come. She didnt reply to me. From friends I knew that she was scared of me and too angry. She thinks that I am madly behind her and I am too much stubborn. Well I think I am not worthy enough for her as I am jobless, no home, no support from my family, no future; just opposite she has job, big home, support of her family. But still I am optimistic that one day I will make all of these things, but to happen this I need time almost 5-6 years. And she might get married within 3-4 years. And this make my life upside down. I cant plan anything what to do. I have her cell number only, but cant call her as it makes awkward and even I have lot of problem while communicating with her. I dont have her address. I ask every friend to help me; but instead helping me they disheartened me, made me to forget her, some says its not love, some says she is not worthy for you. But I am not listening to them, I am just listening to my heart. But I have no idea what to do. Can you just help me?

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Love Poem - Chale Jane Ke Baad

Author: Shalom Simon★★★★★
Haqiqaton ke qareeb aane ke baad,
Sajhe mohabbat ko Dil lagane ke baad,
Mujhe apna nahi, dukh uska hai,
Kaun chahega usko mere chale jane ke baad.
Jee na payenge hum uske bina ek pal bhi, ...(Cont.)