am i pushing her away

8 years ago

Is normal to miss someone so much. That i look at pictures of her evryday and even though im trting to be strong and not contact her ifind it so hard to hold it in. Everyday i tell her i love her and miss her. Yet she is in spain chasing a dream career and we said we would stay together and see how it goes.i dont want to lose her. Buti dont want to push her suffocating her.

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" I loved you,you acted as if loving me!! Whatever it is you played your role well...... "

- prabin» Love Quotes

Love Poem - You Are My World

Author: Thanu shan★★★★
saying i love you is just a word,
saying how much i love you with a poem is
but babe for me you are more important than
this whole world, ...(Cont.)