To be her heart's special one.

7 years ago

I'm shubham singh and i'm 17 year old..and my girlfriend sadhvi sinha is 7 months older than me..we are in same city and of 5 years relationship..but every time ur attitude makes us far..we can't maked.any strong impact in each others heart..we were physically very close but it can't do any changes..everything is just normal boring type..till now i can't be her most special one..i can't be her true madlly and crazy luv person..

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" don't cry for any body they are not fit for ur tears.....the one who is fit for ur tears....will not allow you to cry....! ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - Coming To Terms

Author: Xavier Johnson★★★
I can't write another word or cry another
tear, day by day and year by year.
If you can move on then I have to do the
same. I have no joy, but all the more shame.
I hate not getting over you and I hate this ...(Cont.)