How Do I STOP!

9 years ago

HI, I have this one habbit that I can't stop, which is not looking my boyfriend in the eyes because, I don't want to be rude but he has acne but I still love him with all my heart. But I just don't know what or how to stop my horrible habbit. Can someone as kind as you help? if you review please reply.

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" It s Difficult 2 face,, when we became Erasable Ones 2 our Mandatory Ones.. "

- Mah.Kamal» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Love Is Not A Shame

Author: Ally★★★
love is not a shame its a battle field that
you cant brack you love the one you tack so
dont be a shamed when you lose the one you
love please stay together if you can to be
happy or sad its always love that you can ...(Cont.)