Should i ask her out

8 years ago

So there is this girl in three of my class that i really like and have a crush on but she is one of the most popular girls in the school and if i ask her out and she says no her friends will find it out and spread it. I am afraid to ask her out but we talk all the time. When i get home from school each day i write her a poem and i am afraid i will get in trouble if i drop something into her locker (school thinks it would be drugs like meth). WHAT SHALL I DO

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  • 8 years ago

    Hey dude I wrote a letter to the girl I only love she showed it to her friends and one of them actually cryed at the last sentence. But what I'm saying is that you shouldn't be afraid if she says no just act calm above it ok. Also be sure to not be so cling as in don't text her every single day that will be weird.But be sure to act cool and sweet when you're with her friends and also instead of putting the letter in her locker give it to her in person she probably keep it to her self or share it to her friends but who cares if she shows it to her friends if they come up to you act like you are talking to your friends k. Ps I'm in the sixth grade 12 year old guy go for it or go with the flo

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Love Poem - Where Are You? Where Have You Gone?

Author: Shatteredhope★★★
The cold crisp wind hit my hair
but after you I could only stare.
Where had you gone? Would I see you again?
And I actually thought you would be a
friend... ...(Cont.)