She is telling that she is feeling guilty

5 years ago

We were Best friends. She had break up with her boyfriend. We came close in December. Slowly she began to hold my hands, kiss on my cheeks. She was so comfortable & happy. Even we hugged & kissed. Now she is telling that she is not doing right with hr ex. She tells me that I am the BEST BOYFRIEND in the world, but don't want to get into a relationship now, even when she doesn't know. I can't wait anymore. I've loved her. I want her as my sweet cute girlfriend as she was. What should I do?

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  • 5 years ago

    I think u should keep on trying to make her understand your love

  • 5 years ago

    you act as her confort guess is she is confused.Agree with her and give her some space.Girls value what is hard to get,but dont distance your self too much.

" If my love for you would take the form of water... I'd be drowning! "

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Love Poem - LOVE To Love

Author: Gaysara★★★★
Love gets angry only to the one we love more-
Throw out the egos or else love will throw
you out from the one u love.
Love the one u love when the love is true and
honest. ...(Cont.)