9 years ago

We are different religion.. I dont want to change my religion.. he is a muslim n am hindu... his financial background also bad... I love him very much.. But my parents will not agree to it... Am confused to wot to do... i cant leave him or my parents... our relation is about 3yrs.. once we got break up due to my parents.. they came to know it.. and dont allow to it.. am suffered a lot at that time.. so we both decided to get break we cant forget each other..

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  • xyz
    9 years ago

    We love a person whom we likes.. likes first his look then his or hers qualities say a gud human ..dposition of our love remain same through out life no need to forget.. a gud human can b a gud husband father etc.. if we think he cud b a gud hubby n father etc even gud son in law u shud definately marry him dont just think of marriage of physical closeness only.. decide to marry anyone who cud make ur kids gud human..secondly means to develop n groom .. i leaves my love bcz i judge myself unable to meet these criteria so i leaves her with all prayers .. she is more comfortable now n i have no regret bcz its my own decision..religion was not a factor in my case as a woman u shud think of ur future kids too.. before marrying someone..marriage is worldly term but love is spritual.. if they dont meet keep them in their places..

  • 9 years ago

    simple prob ya .........ok u dont want to change ur religion........ask him to change because boy always good.............

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