6 years ago

my question is that I m in love with a person who wanted to marry me and loves me so much but I could not accept his proposal due to my family pressure. Now I m married with another guy who is choice of my family and have a 3 year old son. now what should I do. I cannot forget my loved one and please don't advise me to leave my loved one.

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  • 6 years ago

    Want to join the discussion? Type your message here.firstly u couldn't acept the proposal cause of family pressure n now u r married as well as a mother of three years old of sons n you are telling that you can't forget your ex love n telli g that u love him still n don't want to listen an advice that you don't want to leave him?? how is your husband with you Franky n understandable or not if yes than share him cause he is the man who can give you a right answer n your loved one will he accept you the way you are now with your son please look the face of your child after he grows older what he will think the things cannot be hidden left cause he is your son he may get the stuffs from anywhere if not than ask yourself to your heart n remember the time you spended with those two person what differences is between them you could choose better one from your heart with whom you could be hapie n remember the condition you have faced n been facing n ask n just close your eyes n touch your heart m sure the heart voice will b screaming to choose one but remeber love happens its natural to leave its a choice n its onto u its not only to get too n again it can be gained by sacrifice n compromise I know u will b hapie n please post what you did??

  • 6 years ago

    My love is gone but now I want to come back in my life so my love can back my life?

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