Rejected before i realized

9 years ago

I found out too late that the guy i thought i never liked turned out to be the guy i now think of everyday, he liked me before but now its too late, i hate when this happens when two people like each other in the wrong time and wrong place, i confessed and got rejected, what do i do now?

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  • 9 years ago

    believe me i've been in the same thing but i didn't tell him how i felt. but what i should've done is tell confess like you did. But if it didn't work out i would've stayed in the friend zone nd try to get to the girlfriend zone bye making him laugh hanging out with him maybe talking to him in class.

  • 9 years ago

    well what you want to do is try and make him realized that he likes you. I remember when this happened to me I tried to make him realized what he was missing he told me he had feelings for me but didn't want to ruin a wonderful friendship. He thought I was an amazing person but just had too much to loose. I asked if we could try at first he said okay we did but we found it only works but it was more like a brother sister relationship... if you get me. It might be different for you tho. x

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