really lost and down at this period of my life !

11 years ago

My ex gf left me because of a guy which she knows merely 1 month . we had a 2 years relationship. recently she ended things with this guys and we start going out . however she told me that she still like this guy and she cant answer whether she still like me . i can accept everthing that she had done and simply because i love her too much . i am trying everything i can to woo her back and i am afraid that i would fail as she still keep contact with this guy . this guy told him that he will wait for her . i really dunno what to do . i went through all the pain and did whatever i can . i am really scare to know the outcome . i simply love her so much !

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" Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. "

- Robert A. Heinlein» Love Quotes

Love Poem - There Is Never Good Bye's In This World

Author: Jewel★★★
What I learned is that when tyou say good bye
to someone. You'll might not ever see them
again for life. I never did once say good bye
in my life I'll just say see you later.
Friends and family never say good bye.