pls give me soln..........

10 years ago

i'm in love since 7 parents also knw dat.i was sure dat he also loved me..v shared our love through eyes...v didnt speak or smile @ each other...
my sister also had a it was nt a true love..he married someone creates a lot of prblm in our [email protected] dat time i came to knw d pains of my hurted them a lot....they shared their pains to made me to think abt my love...i was confused dat whether i'm doing is right or not...i started to act before him that i dont love him....i think it hurted him a lot.i felt like dat.........i tried to hate him. but i cant.. i tld this to my parents also..but they are not supporting me...
after dat i left hme for its more than 1 yr after v saw..i cant forget him...i want to talk to him..i want to see him...i dnt knw whether he has a girlfrnd or not???
give me an answer :- whether i try to forget him? or love him......?

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" Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. "

- Robert Heinlein» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Love Very Much

Author: Amuthadewi★★★
iam waiting here to see ur gentle eyes
to touch ur silky hand
to kiss ur lips
iam here to waiting with hope tat
u always keep me in mind as i keep u ...(Cont.)