Please pity me, help me please!!!

12 years ago

my crush which i really love hates me because one of her friends said to me that when she hold my exam paper and she don't know that it is mine until her friend told her that it is mine, then she doesn't want to hold it anymore. She gives it back to them and said she has to wash her hand because she hold my paper. The person that told me is a girl who sponsor by a charity and i've studied with that girl for a long time and i know she won't lie to me with that kind of things so I believe it because all people around me including her some best friends told me that she's really hate me. when she first told me that i don't know what to do but just smile and respond back "I know" because i don't want anybody to know that i secretly love her. You know It's really hurt when a girl you love said that kind of things and my heart just break into pieces. I thinks she hates me because I'm a straight person and i'm 7 month younger than her. Also she is a rich girl and i'm just a poor boy. What should i do? Should i move on? Please help. thanks

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  • 12 years ago

    Jesus she sounds like a complete brat, that is so immature, if you can, move on. Unless you think she's trying to hide the fact that she likes you in the same way a five year old would, in which case ask her why she hates you so much and just watch her reaction. Good luck mate

  • 12 years ago

    You should move on if she doesnt like you accept it and find someone that will like you

" I use to believe in love, but now that I've had my heart broken, I just don't see how i could have believed in it. "

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