Pain in my heart

12 years ago

Hello Friends...I'm Aravind... I loved a girl very sincerely she is very far from my city so not able to see often but she is very close relative also it means her brother married my sister...From the beginning We are speak casually day to day it becomes love.... her brother accept my love indirectly but my sister doesn't accept... after that both parents also not accept my love but before my sister's marriage they get engaged for me also indirectly.... it hurts her and mine..but I didn't be alone I was continue again... her parents come to fight with our parents to quit my love... both mobile sim card was changed and no way to contact her ... her friends also didn't willing to speak with me...and finally she got married after 6 months when problems started on both family side... here the problem is I'm acting in front of others that i was in happy but inside my heart day to day I'm crying..I can't overcome my problem...I expecting some change....which solution will be suitable for me plz?

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" Love is awfully simple, but falling out of love is simply awful. "

- Anna Eye» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Love Is In The Air

Author: Madi hopkins and jemma le★★★★★
you may be fat you may be skinny but what i
like is that you r funny when i scream you
scream when i fart you fart so thats what
makes us a couple mwah