Not Sure what to do...

7 years ago

OK so i have this awesome girlfriend and I'm so madly in love with her, but I have a problem, there are times when we are talking (texting and on the phone) and I feel like she is not as in love with me as I am her. I occasionally ask her if she still likes me and the response is always nice something like, "I'll always like you. or Yes of course" and things like that. I'm planning on telling her that I love her soon. What I want to know is how do i get her to say she likes me without me asking her?

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" you said you would never do anything to hurt me. Then why are you causing me so much pain? "

- annabel» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Why

Author: Alejandro★★★
I Dont know love I only know pain,
I love you when we are apart I dont know why,
When we are together it feels like hate,
Love is an illusion an unattainable goal,
It is not meant for men only for Gods, ...(Cont.)