Need a bit of help here?!?!?!

9 years ago

Alright so there is this guy i really like, like like him and last year i got my BFF to find out if he liked me back turns out he said YES then i asked him to be sure and he did say yes that he does . this year i asked him if he still liked me, he said probably but here's the problem: i asked him what he wanted to do about it and he said idk (we're both in grade 8) and my bff told me he didnt want to date till high school but theres so many other girls who might like him cuz he's cute (im the only one in my class who likes him)and he might like them back but what can i do??? and im afraid he might not actually like me back but is just being nice not to hurt my feelings... :(

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  • Mae
    9 years ago

    I see your problem. Maybe leave him alone for a bit and he might ask you out. And there is a saying that you don't know what you have until you lose it. So if you leave him alone for a while he might decide "actually I do want to go out with her".

  • 9 years ago

    Mae (This is love_music149 i just forgot my pass) this all happened last YEAR now its november well it happened march but whatever... an now a whole bunch of people keep telling me to ask him out but i dont know what if he says no or idk im just scared..... +kinda nervous

    An i need results quick because i want to do something tmm and everyone already knows about this in my class and most ppl are annoyed at me cuz i wont do anything and neither will he (soorryyy about so many of the "and's"

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