my relationship with my partner

11 years ago

i am in relationship with my partner since 7 years. now since last 3 years we are suffering. we have almost no understanding between us now. and he even does not trust me. he now do not want to marry me. i love him more than anything else. but he always blame me for the mistakes.i know that i do mistakes sometime but not always but he does not understand me. please advise me what should i do to repair all this. i love him more than a lot. i really want him and his love back.

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  • 11 years ago

    Ok I think that if he is doing this to you that you should break up with him or have a heart to heart. Otherwise he is a good soulmate. It's just not meant to be. But if you still love him after all that's happened either talk to him or break up with him and TRY to stay good friends. Hope this helps, Good luck!

  • 11 years ago

    first, stay strong. second, talk to him and be ready for the things that you want to know . . . you know what dear, people come and go, if they really value you a lot, they will stay no matter what things will be in between those challenges, but if for once they give you the idea of staying away and not being with you anymore, learn to let go. . . i know that it will hurt and you will surely cry a river. but everything will past. . everything will be ok in the end. if its not yest ok, then it is not yest the end.

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