My friend kalai lost his love doing mistake...How she can get back...

13 years ago

My friend named kalai she loved a boy for more than 2 yrs..that guy is too possessive and he dont allow her to speak with any guy..if she speaks means he used to say some bad things bot tat guy and make her not to cntnue speakin wit tat guy.after love in some situation they crossed the limit and they went too closely..both kalai and tat boy are short tempered they had many misunderstandings between them..after going close the guy started avoiding her..he always used to care more but it decreased after this happened..many times this guy slapped her and used many bad words in front of everyone for simple one situation she also started avoidin him..saying this to her friends they said her to leave him..tat time another guy entered her life..he loved her before hearin this and coz of angry with her lover a soft corner came for her with this guy..she doesnt feel tat she doing wrong bt after she got realised she went asked sorry to her lover many times even she fell down in tat guys legs to make him to accept her again..she now loving him madly bt he s doing over...wat she can do in this situation..

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  • 12 years ago

    I think , first she must search for happiness... She must only stay with first boyfriend if she is happy with him.. Otherwise no point of being with him.. She must remember this life is a precious gift from the god and we must enjoy the each movement

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