my boy friend ditched me

9 years ago

hii iam honey iam having a love problem 1 year ago my boyfriend proposed me and i accepted him. after 2 months he went to america. in the month of november 2012. my boyfriend told me that he went to america for only studies and he dont want any disturbances like love etc.. his brother dont like me and he kept many fights between me and my boyfriend. and at last he challenged with me that he will make his brother to ditch me,my boyfriend ditched me. can u suggest me a idea to how to solve my problem?

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  • 9 years ago

    Move on :) There's a lot more to life than just a single guy. :) And who knows, maybe someone out there may have been waiting for the right opportunity to get close to you. :) If he ditched you just like that, then he isn't worth it. :) YOU DESERVE MORE THAN THAT! As for his brother, don't mind him. Take this time while you're single to grow as an individual. Prove his brother wrong, you are worth more than that. you go girl!

" True love stories never have endings. "

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I can't sleep
Yes, hard for me to know
I know why I can't
Because of you
You make me so happy ...(Cont.)