my best friends boyfriend

8 years ago

have you ever liked your best friends boyfriend?? it difficult to hangout with your best friend when her boyfriend is around because he is so hot you just want to snog him and have sex with him!!

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  • 8 years ago

    Lord girl, you don't SOUND like much of a friend. Sorry, but honestly, if I knew one of my friends were crushing on my "boyfriend" or in my case my husband - I'D DITCH THAT GIRL LIKE YESTERDAYS TRASH. Don't lower your standards JUST BECAUSE you think YOUR FRIENDS boyfriend is "hot" - please! That kind of behavior speaks VOLUMES about your character, and from that stand point, your character IS NOT looking too good. You NEED to go find your OWN boyfriend, and NOT ONE that one of your "friends" are seeing. But like I said, you really don't sound like too good of a friend if you can't keep your hands off HER boyfriend. Does your so called friend KNOW you're crushing on her boyfriend? And if so, WHAT'D SHE SAY ABOUT IT? One thing is FOR SURE though, if she IS INDEED your "best friend" then YOU need to keep your crush on HER BOYFRIEND to yourself, otherwise, that really shows YOU REALLY DON'T GIVE TWO CRAPS FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND, and SHE needs to know that. That kind of behavior is just trifling. How would YOU feel if SHE did that to you? Would you still assume you guys are best friends? Cause they wouldn't BE my friend if they're trifling enough to try to bang MY boyfriend. You're obviously very young, and LEARNING I guess, but TRUE friends DON'T do that to each other. And if she IS TRULY your best friend, you wouldn't ruin that friendship just because you want to have sex with her hot boyfriend. That's how a WHORE would behave. I can't even believe you posted that question on here, but hey, I don't have ANY female friends FOR THAT REASON, all my friends are guys, and by your question, I think I'll keep it that way. I"m trying not to be mean with my reply but your question hit close to home from back in the days BEFORE I was married. Yeah, I had a so called friend bang one of my boyfriends (my first love) AND I KICKED HER BUTT IN FRONT OF HIM! AND THEN I never spoke to her again, so if you really value your friend ship - KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR BF's boyfriend. Of course it's been a month since you asked this, so NOW I'm curious - DID YA HAVE SEX WITH YOUR "BEST FRIEND'S" GUY? Or did you decide your friendship was worth more than a role in the hay with HER boyfriend? I hope you chose the latter, otherwise, like I said, THAT speaks volumes on your character - not that you care right now, but eventually that crap will catch up with you and people will see you for WHAT you are.

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