Moral advice was it bad to help a friend? Or a mutual?

9 years ago

Hi my name is shannon... Im an asian who have a friend from a long distance relationship... This story when i met this guy on a website he added me s thats we started to communicate, and after how many weeks were like being sweet but distant to each other... I never met he guy personally but we called ourselves sweetheart... Were about more than 1month in our relationship the problem is he was a student trying to take some exams... Soni gave him time for review nd i never disturbed him...then i planned to create my gifts but those were prayers to support him... He mentioned that he dropped by told me that he didnt forget about me... At that time was near exam... After that i promised to give him some prayer w/c is drawing nd a song form.. Then after that... He mentionednits exam date... After the exams... I messaged him he didnt reply or anything... I was worried was it from my effort all i want to donis to give something for his for the past few days ee have no communication as if i left behind...i became worried..bout him... Inthink its my fault for giving that gift it became bad for our realtionship..rigjt now we dnt for a while i dunoo if he shames my giftnor he doesnt want me to be his friend snymore.?!?... I often cried alot

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" Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.' "

- Erich Fromm» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Never Lost

Author: Beatrice Jean-Baptiste★★★★
Deep in my soul there's no dying light,
My heart does not cry and
is not filled with tears,
My heart is not bruised,
empty nor torn,but is filled ...(Cont.)