marriage problem

10 years ago

I am a married woman and I am inlove with other guy... the problem is i am married with two kids..i do't feel inlove with my husband anymaore, I wanted to follow this new lover and my other problem is I have had sex with this other guy because I raelly love him.. I can't resist him... what shall I do.. Shall I follow what my heart dictates?

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  • pav
    10 years ago

    you are walking on a very sensitive line. i guess you will end up hurting many people. did u think of that?..n by the way, when u feel love on other guy,certainly You will loose interest in ur husband! but, is your husband a bad person or torturing u? why did you fall for other guy??? It looks like " FATAL ATTRACTION" !, now, if u love another guy. its you, ur husband,ur kids,your parents ....somany people will be directly effected by ur doings.
    LOVE and ATTRACTION can happen any time of life. But it turns into hell if your family n kids dont accept your doings! ...... my advice is, dont loose respect from your kids...they might never forgive you.i guess this guy is not taking advantage of you. if is his doing so, then u will see yourself at rock bottom of troubles!! BEWARE DONT GET CARRIED AWAY... BE RESPONSIBLE.. (sex, attraction will end some day i guess u know that...dont loose everything.... you will be sorry for rest of your life. takecare of ur family. Hope u ma

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