lovestruck HELP!

9 years ago

Liked this Guy for 4 years he is practically perfect in everyway :D loves everything i do and we were made for eachother but, my ex has started to be friends again and the same reason i fell for him last time is taking action again. I now like him again but i love the other one. If you watch miranda ther like my Gary and Mike. I need help on what to do. WHO do I Ask out ????? xx

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" Do you know why God made most parts of our body double and made some parts like: heart.....single? It is to find an other ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - The Little Things You Do...

Author: Janette★★
The little things you do...
The morning brush of your skin touching mine;
As you rise the levels of sensitivity from my
thighs to my spine.
Your lips tender embrace, ...(Cont.)