lovers apart.

11 years ago

Okay. so this guy who i think i reallllllly love. got me into trouble, and got me sent to an alternative school. and on probation. well now i can't talk to him for 90 days. but thats not the bad part. my parents dont want me talking to him either. it's making me depressed. i feel like no one cares anymore. because he was also my best friend, and i could tell him ANYTHING!. and i now have no way to talk to him. friends say i need to get over him, but i just cant. i really love him! HELPP!

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  • 11 years ago

    Sounds like you really love this guy. Well, first of all you should think of the reasons why you like him and make a list what you like about him. If you have many reasons well, then maybe you are meant to be. But, do not make sacrifices just to be with him. It will make you appear you are desperate and that you are very well ummm, dumb. Well, good luck!

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