love with ex

11 years ago

i was hvng a girl frnd and i loved her very much,but from past 6 months i dont know she started ignoring me.she didnt even look at me.....i tried my best to talk wid her but all in in anger i also stopped all sort of activities wid her. i am trying to forget her but i cant somehow she comes in my mind daily........please say wat 2 do......................

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  • 11 years ago

    just try to talk to her about the reason why she is doin may be that she must be in some kind of problem.tell her ur with her.and if u still feel that she is ignoring u then move takes time to forget someone but time is the best healer.

  • 11 years ago

    if she still like that . n u dont hve anther way , try to find someone . maybe u will get smone more better then she :)

" I hope you're in love with my heart of gold on the inside instead of my poor appearance on the outside "

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